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Before the Curtain goes up…

Opening Day and I  am ready… I think Dimtri Young may be alright at first base; he certainly will make some errors but I had rather have him there to start than Larry Broadway. I went to the exhibition game yesterday against the O’s and he looked hungry at the plate. He’s a fireplug looking guy, runs like penguin, but I like his hustle. His teammates seemed to rally around him , and I find myself rooting for him to succeed. 

    I am worried about center field though..I am not convinced that Logan can hit enough to justify his existence. My bet is that it won’t be long before they bring Kory Casto back up. For that matter, I am not a great fan of Church . I’d like to see Alex Escobar get healthy and get some playing time. Kearns must provide some backup for Zim or he will walk 200 times this year. ( Kearns is a journeyman as far as I am concerned !)
Pitching..who knows. I think Patterson must show he has stamina and Hill must do well. I watched Jerome Williams in San Francisco where the word was he was lazy…Again, maybe he now has something to prove and I am rooting for him too.
It is Spring and hope springs eternal.  I say they will win 70 games.